​​​​​​​​Daniel Slama

​​Musicians Wanted to Start a Band

I'm hoping to take the material from the CD, along with many more songs I've written, throw in some cover songs and start a band.  If you happen to be a musician who may be interested - please consider that the way these songs are orchestrated on the CD are not how I would like a band to perform them.  The end goal is not acoustic rock - but jam band.  I will be playing electric (rather than acoustic) guitar and I will not be playing the same parts that are heard on the CD.  For instance - I don't anticipate there will be enough space in any of the songs for a constantly strumming acoustic guitar - this was just done on the CD to fill space and cover the sound of dogs barking in the background (because of the background noise in my recording environment and the digital clicks form the Roland I could never have silent space on my recordings).  The accompanying parts on the CD were all made up on the spot and there would be no need for a new musician to learn them. I hope to keep only the song's basic structure, groove and melody and make it much bigger as incoming musicians add their own interpretations, styles, influences and parts to the songs. 

As the genre "jam band" implies - there will definitely be extended, improvised jams worked into the songs and sets - so if you're not familiar with the 'jam band' genre and/or are not accustomed to extended, improvised jams - this probably wouldn't be for you. I tried to illustrate on my CD how the song structures can be launch pads for jams - but it's hard to get a good jam recorded when one is just tracking over and over themselves.  Many of the other songs I write have more of a rock and funk influence.  The band I hope to start would be more electric, edgy, jammy, dancey, funky, psychedelic and energetic then what is heard on the CD. 

My current status is living in Orange County, CA and I'm looking for local musicians but I could easily relocate to Los Angeles.  San Diego is also a strong option if I happen to meet some musicians there.  At this moment any major city in the USA could be an option if by chance I meet the right musicians there.  Currently looking for musicians for any instruments - mainly guitar, keys, bass, drums.

Please contact me from my Contact Me page